08 April 2011

Checking In

Hey all,

I am alive and well. I just have been offline for a while. Periodically, I need to do that.

I've been recording music, doing schoolwork, carving wood, working on my truck, building a new bicycle, and learning to auto paint. These are all activities which are inimical to the World Wide Web, so it seems.

Soon, I'll be putting up some music. You will have the dubious pleasure of hearing my singing and my guitar playing.

Until then…


Jay said...

Glad you're OK. Bring on the music!

Shrinky said...

Oh goody (pulling up a stool). S'okay, I can wait..

Where do you keep the biscuits?

Richard G. Crockett said...

Going through old posts, I saw these unacknowledged comments! from over a year ago! Hello Jay. Hello Shrinky. I do apologize. I'm a believer in answering every comment; I broke my own rule.

I really did lose interest in blogging, but that's no excuse for being rude.

however, I'm back in the business now with stuff and new energy. That was how i discovered these old comments as i've been going through my old posts and re-formatting them so they display properly with my new theme.

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