01 January 2012

Forgotten, But Not Gone

It has been so long since I posted, I almost forgot I had a blog. I'm too flaky to run a blog, I think. It's too much responsibility. Having to get on a computer every day is a terrible burden for me. I'd rather play outside.

I have not been doing much music. I've been playing so infrequently, I lost the callouses on my guitar fingers. That's a pain. It takes a month for me to get them back, but I do have some recordings of ancient Greek to put up. This is in keeping with the anti-commercial nature of this blog. Who gives a skatos about ancient Greek?

Also, a friend of mine—well advanced in years—suggested that I start writing things down about my life every day. Before it is too late.

That got me thinking…


Zakgirl said...

Good to see you posting again, even if it is sporadically. I understand. I suffer the same malaise.

Richard G. Crockett said...

Oh dear. I just saw this comment. I was going through my old posts because i have to reformat them to display properly with my new theme, and I saw this.

Sorry Zak!

As of the top of July, I am posting regularly. It took me a while, but I finally figured out my direction.

I hope you and yours are well.

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