30 June 2012

An Image Gallery

The past couple of days, I've been working on a new page to show my carvings. It's another blogspot blog, actually, but you'd never know that by the look of it, for it's stripped down as far as I can take it. No comment forms, no titles, no dates, and only minimal text for the images.

This new "blog," and I use the term advisedly, for it's hardly what we've come to expect in a blog, is called, simply Richard G. Crockett: wood sculpture.

At this writing, however, I haven't put up any sculptures, just some test images to see how navigation, loading, and display works. [edit: This will change by the end of the day. I put this post up because I put up a link to the new blog in the sidebar, and the new blog links back to this one.]

The new site is a very pure image gallery. It is designed for clients, potential clients, retailers, gallery owners, and curators to get a feel for my wood sculptures. It's also a way for my friends to have a running record of my output.

And these days that is pretty considerable.

The gallery template I picked was chosen for its extreme minimalism. And I made it even more minimal. The template I used is a pruned version of Mr. Huy Dinh Quang's Simplex Gallery. Not only is he a brilliant coder, but he has quite the sense of aesthetics. (And btw, Nhamngahanh, should you happen to see the new gallery before I fix it, please do not be displeased that your name has been removed from the footer. I shall give you credit when I figure out how to make the footer smaller and more discreet.)

There is always this tendency to add and add more and more to everything we make, do, or say. It is a rarer skill to take away until there is nothing left to take away.

Perhaps that is why I like carving.

Anyhow, off now to work on the footer. One thing I can't take away is credit and a link to the designer. We artists have to stick together.


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