22 September 2012

The Penultimate Post

That's "next to the last," for this is not my last post. There will be one more. Exactly.

I've decided to abandon Blogger.

First, the interface (behind the scenes) will no longer allow me to modify the look and feel without giving an error. That, as is said, "is a deal breaker." I can no longer even enter correctly formatted html without Blogger "fixing" it. I understand this is an effort to simplify things for the "average" user. But I am not average.

Second, I have my own domain and a new web host. I'm going the WordPress route with a custom theme. Blogger was an experiment. I learned a lot, but its days are over for me. I'm going pro.

Third, I will be publishing my first novel in serial form. I was going to go with Amazon, but I honestly felt that the right thing to do was give it away. Not because the book won't sell or get published by a big publisher. It would. The fact is, I want to give something to my tribe with no thought of gain or return. That is just how Ricky rolls.

But this new novel is just too important a project to be hosted by a free account, so even without the first complaint, I'd still be abandoning Blogger. On the contrary, even if that had not been my plan, the new interface by which one writes the code is so broken, I would be forced to move on even if I did not wish it.

I will be linking to the new site in my next post. At this writing, it is under development. But I have enough material to post twice a week—for six months—already written. That is what I have been doing during the long, most recent silence.



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