18 February 2011

A Non Poem

I have nothing to say
I have used up all my writing energy
I do not wish to write at all
I do not wish to think at all

I want to go skiing
I need to get laid
It is cold dark dead of night, 
So I can't work on my carving.

I would wake the neighborhood with my screaming power tools.
I would LIKE to wake the neighborhood with my screaming power tools!

I am craving physical action.
I wish I had a horse.
I would take her for a ride in the darkness
And trust that she would find the way home if I fell asleep.

I am done.


Kara Hoag said...

This poem pretty much perfectly describes my fucking night. It was so awful and personal I can't even put it in a blog post. Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck. Okay, now I feel better, thanks.

bruce said...

i love this post.

the complexity is the simplicity of the singular emotions, but like anything it is the sum of the parts that determines the whole.

each need or want can be answered, indidvidually... but life is answering the whole, to feel complete.

how often are we left incomplete.

all the fucking time!

Richard G. Crockett said...

@ Kara- My night was not so bad as that. I have had those, though. The profane poem I wrote for Valentine's Day will never see publication. For example. :)

@Bruce- Great comment. A poem for a poem. I ended up sleeping for nine hours. I feel better now.

StephanieC said...

I am terribly with writing or understanding poetry, but I understood that completely.

I particularly enjoyed the WANTING to wake the neighbours and the falling asleep on the horse.

See, even when you don't think you have anything to say, you translate your emotion beautifully.


Richard G. Crockett said...

Thanks Stephanie,

The funny thing is when I wrote that part about wanting to wake the neighbors, I went from being tired to feeling very cheerful.

But I have never fallen asleep on a horse, though I have gotten lost, and the horse knew the way home. I have heard others tell of falling asleep though. Charlie Russell, the western artist, had this old paint named Monty who used to get him home every night no matter how drunk he got.

So I hear.

The thing that's nice about poetry is that I can just cut loose. All feeling. So thanks.

freddie said...

What power tools, apart from chainsaw? How do you do fine work?

Richard G. Crockett said...

Hi Freddie,

I could write a whole post on that... Actually, I could write a whole series of posts, but I decided that I would not use this blog to promote my carving, so when I do mention it, it is in the context of the life of an artist.

But since you asked, first, I try and take each piece as far as I can with the chainsaw. I have several chainsaws, from mighty to mini. It is possible to do surprisingly fine work with one, and the more you use it, the better you get at that, but I do use other tools, and they are important to me.

Besides a chainsaw, my next favorite tool is a power chisel—it's an angle grinder attachment made by an Australian company called Arbortech. Brilliant tool! It pretty much replaced the arsenal of hand tools I still have.

The next would be a disk sander that also fits on an angle grinder. I keep an eighty grit disk and rarely sand beyond that, being of the "let the tool marks show" school of carving.

These cover 99.5% of my needs.

(I should mention I work fairly large, so I do not have to fuss about fine, fine detail in the first place)

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