19 February 2011

Darth Vadar Plays a Black Violin

Here is the picture prompt for One Stop Poetry's Sunday Photo Challenge.


And here's my poem.

I used to think
That being beautiful was

I once believed
That if I pleased the gods with my music
Men would follow

But then I found
It has nothing to do with any of that
It's about getting attention

You might think
I look ridiculous
The joke's on you


dustus said...

A great write! IMO you express the truth succinctly and eloquently.

Richard G. Crockett said...

Thanks Dustus, I much enjoyed your poem as well.

Alegria Imperial said...

Hmmm...quite a surprise with the voice of a woman, which makes your take on the prompt good!
Thanks, Richard.

Richard G. Crockett said...

@Algeria Imperial, Honestly, I was not thinking that. I meant "men" in the sense of human kind as pleased by sweet songs, and "beautiful" in the sense of creating beauty.

But then I read my own words, and I went, "Wow. It DOES read that way!"

Or it could... And certainly, it must have, so thank you.

I believe that once a work is made, it no longer belongs to the maker.

Penny said...

Ouch. That hit the mark. Bin there, done that, got the fancy dress somewhere. Still, it got me book money at Uni some it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

nice! and i took it as a woman speaking, too.

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

The jokes on you, lol nice write

Richard G. Crockett said...

I was just going to sign out when I saw more comments. Wow! I am not used to that.

@Penny. Yeah, me too. Not the dress but the crazy suit. (Except, there WAS this one time...)

@haikulovesongs I am really pleased that happened.

@Kodjo Deynoo Hey, if you can't take the jeers, you better not seek the spot light. :)

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare said the readiness is all, but I now come to think the marketing is all. Black fiddle, all that leather, extra-long lightsabre swinging from one's hips ... now that's big night music. - Brendan

Anonymous said...

That's a nice take on the prompt.
The outer beauty should not be the point of attraction, seems to me the message. People generally see outer you and judge.

Nice take.

Claudia said...

wow - so much truth in this..love your take on the prompt..you touch an important topic with your writing here...and all because of darth vader...really good richard

JL Dodge said...

And I too am drawn to the female side ... well done !

Anonymous said...

The joke would be on us if he turned his death grip on us...anyway...the underloying meaning of this poem is human Richard. As the artist, and it's a great shot by the way you picked up on the irony of a busker dressed as one of the most powerful fictional baddies in the history of film. Humanizing him with your words.

Great stuff!

bruce said...

there was a one man band guy that i used to see on the street in st augustine.

it is about the show and the show is about the costumes.

we all wear costumes, for the shows we perform...

and the show is just about paying the mortgage.

Steve Isaak said...

I like, made me smile. Wonderfully short, effective lines.

hedgewitch said...

No fuss no muss, just killer commentary on man (and possibly woman, though I didn't read it that way) and society. Tongue in cheek, but delivers all the way.

Agree totally on your remark about when it leaves the writer's brain, it has it's own identity for each reader--seen that many times, but its always amazing to me.

Richard G. Crockett said...

Hi all, Busy day for me. Just like a busker, I mainly make all my money on the weekends , so not much time for the net.

Thanks for the comments. I have taken a bit of time here and there to visit many of your blogs in a kinda random way. It is nice to enjoy the presence of so many stars.

OK. Showtime again for me...

StephanieC said...

Congrats on the boom in comments!

Again, I am helpless with poetry, but I enjoy your writing.

Mama Zen said...

There's a lot of truth in this one!

Beachanny said...

Beauty may not last but as the Disney folks would say, the costumes do...Clearly the force was with you! Gay

JackAZ Photography said...

Great poem! The ending resonates so much in reality regardless of it's fictional bounds.

Richard G. Crockett said...

Finally, after a very long workday I can at last comment on these last comments.

@Stephanie- This is more like a group of partiers who make the rounds to each other's blogs. I have not broken the circle, I just found a new art hop. The timing of the photo prompt always happens to coincide with a lull in my schedule, so I'm able to play.

@Mama Zen- My own experience.

@Beachanny- Good idea for another story!

@JackAZ- Thanks for the photo to begin with. I look forward to part II of the interview with you. Most excellent that the photographer made the rounds too!

freddie said...

I like to re read things. Different days. Different moods. Different feelings and meanings. More value.

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