22 February 2011

Some Tanka

This is a belated response to another challenge on One Stop Poetry.

"Belated," I say because I should have had this up yesterday, but poetry takes a certain frame of mind, and I am not always up to it, but I have been intrigued by the Tanka form for a while. At last, I have some.

First, I am cautious

Better to compose
In the mind before I place
The words on the tongue
For that which is said once
Cannot be ever be unsaid

Then, I know that I can't be TOO careful

Better to say it
Than endure sullen silence
I'd rather risk
Your disagreement with me
Than suffer dishonesty

Finally, I am just my generally insouciant self

I am too happy
To ever be a good poet
And I do not care
It's better to be silly
Than to be nothing at all

I have some more, but they are purer forms, love letters in the true Tanka tradition. They don't fit with these. I shall save them for another day.


Anonymous said...

Oh. They read great as a group. Wonderful.

Richard G. Crockett said...

Thanks, kolembo. I just visited your blog. Your work is stunning.

bruce said...

very true. the words cannot be unsaid...

and the guy who invents the unsend button is the newest demi-god...

and i gave you an award on my JADIP blog!

Bruce Johnson JADIP
Evil Twin
stupid stuff I see and hear
The Dreamodeling Guy
The Guy Book
The Guy Book

Richard G. Crockett said...

Hi Bruce,

I probably should have unsent my comment on your blog. Damn it. But thanks for the award!

bruce said...

no worries man! they will defend themselves, if they need to.

never appologize for having an opinion.

i left a comment today for the restaurant managers rant and sorta dissed princess di...

i thought about it and then said, well, it is just my oipinion, i am not stating that it is factual...

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